Heliex Zero Capex Scheme


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Enjoy reduced electricity prices and enhanced sustainability without any upfront cost

The Heliex Zero Capex Scheme allows you to generate a low-cost supply of electricity, with absolutely no capital investment. We’ll supply the Heliex GenSet and take care of all installation and maintenance at no cost to you.

We then sell you the electricity generated at a preferential rate, which will be at least 10% less than your current unit cost. Your agreed electricity price will be fixed, providing a buffer against rising energy prices, enabling you to increase your margins and boost efficiency. You’ll also have the option to take ownership of the GenSet outright at the end of the agreed term. You can stop using the machine at any time.

No installation costs, no maintenance costs, just a supply of low-cost electricity.


  • Supplies the GenSet without charge
  • Installs the GenSet without charge
  • Operates, services and maintains the GenSet
  • Owns the GenSet

The Customer:

  • Pays a reduced unit cost for the electricity generated
  • Guarantees a minimum total payment
  • Can stop using the GenSet at any time
  • May take ownership of the GenSet at the end of the term