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Why have one expander when you can have two?

24 April 2018

Heliex’s first-ever Two Stage GenSet left our facility this week on its way to a large chicken farm in England. Once commissioned, the 132kW machine, specially devised for increased efficiency, will generate a low-cost supply of electricity in a biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant that is fuelled by chicken litter.

Making Use of Flash Steam

21 March 2018

In this final instalment of our eBook, '3 Reasons why you Should Recover your Flash Steam,' we explain how to make use of your flash steam and what to look for when surveying your plant or steam system.

Where can you find flash steam and why should you recover it?

13 March 2018

If you read our last blog article then you will know what flash steam is. Here we look at what type of industries typically operate with flash steam and why you should recover this valuable resource instead of wasting it by venting it to the atmosphere.

What is flash steam?

26 February 2018

We've written an eBook dedicated to flash steam and three reasons why you should recover it, including saving money and boosting efficiency and sustainability. Wondering what flash steam is? Here we start with a simple explanation.