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Heliex intends to be the World’s leader in steam screw expanders and their applications in the recovery of energy from industrial processes. The core technology is a novel rotary screw expander which recovers low grade energy from steam and uses it to generate electricity. In some applications power can be generated where previously there was no economically viable opportunity to do so due to the temperature and wet steam conditions, for example from combustion engines and industrial furnace exhaust gas. The technology is also relevant to electricity generation in steam pressure let down systems, energy recovery indirectly in geothermal applications with high pressure and temperature water and intermediate/bottoming energy recovery from steam cycles.
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Heliex Power Ltd is focussed on the commercial and industrial realisation of open and closed loop steam screw expander systems.
The company is committed to operate to the best benchmark standards of Quality, Health and Safety, and Environment that define it as a leading and
progressive organisation operating within the ‘Waste Heat to Energy’ sector.
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Heliex Power Ltd was established in 2009 as a spin out from City University London, a recognised world centre of expertise in Screw Compressor Technology.
Heliex has the exclusive licence to use the university’s patented technology world-wide in the field of steam. The company was set up following many years of research and development of ORC screw expanders, culminating in commercial licensing, and fast growing demand for more economic energy recovery in temperature regimes higher than those normally addressed by ORC systems.


Initial funding was secured through the UK Carbon Trust incubator programme which facilitated early product development. During the fourth quarter of 2010 significant funding was secured from BP Alternative Energy International.
This has been followed in the second quarter of 2012 by further substantial investment from a second energy industry partner, ESB Novusmodus which is a €200m growth capital fund managed by Greencoat Capital.